If you’ve ever driven down the freeway or a winding mountain road and your wheel begins to shake you know how concerning it can be. Whatever the cause, wheel shaking can be a sign of a serious issue with one or several components of your vehicle and should be taken seriously. To help you get to the root of the issue our experts have compiled 4 possible reasons your wheel is shaking. 

1. Suspension and Alignment Issues

Suspension issues are a common cause of a shaky steering column. Your suspension is what holds the frame of your car to the wheels. Issues with your suspension can include loose ball joints and tie rod ends. If left unchecked, suspension issues can do more than just make your wheel shake; they can cause you to lose control of your steering entirely. 

If you notice your wheel shaking, especially at higher speeds, you should bring your car in. It may be a suspension or alignment issue

2. Improperly Balanced Tires

Unbalanced tires can also be a cause of wheel shaking. Balanced tires are able to rotate at the same speeds, leading to an overall smooth riding experience. Unfortunately, factors like poorly maintained roads, poor inflation, and other issues can lead to your tires falling out of balance. Unbalanced tires may also be related to suspension issues, which, as we mentioned earlier, can also cause your wheel to shake. One easy way to prevent this issue? Routine tire balancing. Like changing the oil, tires need to be rotated on certain schedules to keep them balanced and help them last longer. Generally speeding, you should take your tires in to be re-balanced between every 10,000 and 12,000 miles. 

3. Rotors Have Warped

Rotors are the part of your braking system that the brake pads clamp to to bring the vehicle to a stop. Even if you take excellent care of your brakes, sudden stops (think I-5 stop and go) can cause your rotors to warp and wear unevenly. Eventually, the surface of your rotors becomes so rough that you may feel your vehicle begin to shake as the brake pads attempt to clamp onto them. If you have warped rotors you may experience wheel shaking, especially while braking.

Whatever the reason, a shaky wheel should be taken seriously and addressed sooner rather than later. Waiting could lead to permanent damage to your vehicle, and can put you and your loved ones at risk. 

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