The Importance of Vehicle Alignment

Getting a vehicle alignment is an important maintenance task and one that you should not overlook. It can help to prevent uneven tire wear and tire blowouts while also making it easier for you to steer.

Wear and Tear on Your Tires

Having the proper vehicle alignment can improve the performance of your vehicle. It can help your vehicle to drive smoothly, reduce fuel consumption and improve your safety on the road.

Aside from improved performance, an alignment can also help your tires last longer. Having an alignment done by a skilled mechanic will ensure that your wheels are aligned properly. This will help your tires to wear evenly and will prevent the wear and tear.

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The Importance of an Alignment for Your Vehicle

It’s important to have a vehicle alignment done on a regular basis, especially if you drive on rough roads or have a regular, long commute. Alignments will help your tires last longer and will increase your fuel economy. If your wheels are not aligned, your car may pull to one side. When your vehicle has a pull, it can be unpredictable and cause damage to other parts.

If you suspect that you might have a problem with your wheel alignment, you should call Courtesy Auto Service and Tire of Tacoma for a vehicle inspection

Tire Blowouts from Poor Vehicle Alignment

Whether you are driving an RV or a normal car in the Tacoma area, it is important that you know how to prevent tire blowouts. These can be very frightening experiences. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent tire blowouts. Some of these practices include proper tire pressure, proper vehicle alignment and regular maintenance.

Proper tire pressure is crucial when driving in hot weather. Rubber loses its flexibility, and heat breaks down the internal structure of the tire. In addition, low pressure forces the rubber to work harder than it was designed for.

If you are experiencing a tire blowout, you should slow down gradually, and pull over to the side of the road. This will allow you to apply the brakes slowly and avoid the risk of hitting the brakes with your foot.

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Prevent Uneven Tire Wear with a Vehicle Alignment

Keeping your vehicle in proper alignment is the best way to prevent uneven tire wear. This type of wear can be caused by many factors. One of the most common causes of uneven tire wear is improper inflation. When your tires are under-inflated, the center of the tire is prevented from making contact with the road. This can result in vibrations as the wheel turns. This is a dangerous condition that can result in an accident.

Another common cause of uneven tire wear is a bent wheel frame. When a wheel is bent, it can cause vibrations as the wheel turns. This can damage the wheel and suspension system. This is why vehicle manufacturers recommend regular tire rotation. Uneven tire wear can also be caused by curbs, potholes, speed bumps and improper suspension system alignment. If the suspension system is not working properly, it will cause the tires to overcompensate and cause uneven tire wear.

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Uneven tire wear can also be due to a damaged wheel. Using a wheel balancer can fix this problem. A trained technician can evaluate the extent of damage and make adjustments.

Vehicle Alignment With Courtesy Auto and Tire Center of Tacoma

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