How to Tell If Your Timing Belt is Going Bad

Do you have a timing belt issue? Courtesy Auto Tacoma can help! When your car starts to run slowly or it stops working properly, you may think it’s time to replace your timing belt. This is a common problem in a lot of vehicles, and if it isn’t repaired, it can lead to serious problems.

If you’re having trouble starting your vehicle, it might be time for a replacement. Timing belts are crucial components of your engine that need to be checked regularly to ensure they’re working as they should. A worn-out or broken timing belt can cause misfiring, stalling, and other problems that can lead to serious engine damage. Symptoms of a bad timing belt include a rough idling, squealing, or a check engine light.

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When a timing belt fails, the pistons can come into contact with the valves. This can damage the valves, causing the engine to stop. In severe cases, the timing belt can snap, resulting in extensive engine damage. A damaged timing belt can also cause damage to other engine components, including the cylinder head hardware. It can also affect the oil pump inside the oil pan.

Read on in this blog from Courtesy Auto Tacoma to learn even more about a failing timing belt.

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Keep an Eye Out for Signs of Failure

If you have noticed your car’s engine is overheating or the check engine light is on, it could be an indicator of your timing belt’s failing. Timing belts are an important part of your vehicle’s mechanics and failure could cause extensive damage to your motor. Luckily, there are several ways to tell if your timing belt needs replacement.

The most important thing to remember is that you should replace your timing belt at the first sign of problems. Not replacing the belt will only result in worse issues in the long run. Let Courtesy Auto Tacoma check it out for you!

A worn out timing belt is one of the worst things that can happen to your vehicle. Not only will it cause your engine to overheat, it can cause damage to your engine compartment. For instance, your crankshaft and camshaft could end up broken if you have a timing belt that is slipping. In addition, your pulleys could suffer. Let Courtesy Auto Tacoma help you out with repairs to keep your vehicle in good running shape.


If your vehicle has been experiencing some odd RPMs or you are having trouble maintaining your speed, you may want to look into timing belt problems – or have Courtesy Auto Tacoma look at the issues for you. The main function of the belt is to coordinate the crankshaft and camshaft. Having a timing belt that is damaged or worn out can be disastrous to your engine.

A poorly functioning belt can cause your engine to overheat, burn oil and possibly damage other important components. This means you could be left without power.

Another symptom is a check engine light. If your engine is displaying this light, you should take your car to us at Courtesy Auto Tacoma.

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Engine Deterioration

When your car’s timing belt becomes worn, the engine can be in trouble. It can cause a misfire, leading to damage and possibly complete engine failure. A worn timing belt can cause the cylinders to open and close too early. This can lead to engine misfiring and exhaust issues. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to bring your vehicle to Courtesy Auto Tacoma.

Call Courtesy Auto Service and Tire of Tacoma to Remedy Timing Belt Issues

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