3 Signs of Clutch Issues

For those of you who drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, you know how essential the clutch is to (literally) getting where you need to go. Your clutch is what allows the driver in a manual to shift gears. In an automatic, this process is performed (you guessed it) automatically. Problems with your clutch can cause obvious issues, including premature wear and putting you in danger of severe mechanical malfunction on the road.

Function of the Clutch

Your clutch is made up of the pressure plate, flywheel, clutch disk, release system, and throwout bearing. If the clutch isn’t being pressed, the car remains in gear. When the clutch is pressed, the release system works to release the flywheel and pressure plate so that the vehicle can shift gears. When there are issues with your clutch it’s more difficult or impossible to get your car in gear and keep it there.

Signs of Clutch Issues

Here are 3 signs of clutch issues to watch out for in your manual transmission vehicle 


Just like a shaky wheel can be concerning, a vibrating clutch is obviously alarming and can be indicative of deeper issues. A vibrating clutch can indicate a few different problems. An issue with the clutch disc lining can cause a clutch to vibrate. Problems with the pilot bearing and flywheel can have the same effect. If your clutch has started vibrating, come into Courtesy Auto to get it checked out. 

Clutch is “Spongy”

When you press down on the clutch, does it feel “spongy”, or like there is some kind of resistance. If this is the case, you may have an issue with your release bearing or clutch fork on your hands. 


Grinding when pushing down on the clutch can indicate that the clutch discs aren’t being fully engaged. 

If you recognize any of these signs of clutch issues, come into Courtesy Auto and Tire Repair of Tacoma. Problems with your clutch can cause serious damage to your vehicle and puts you at risk of an accident. Let our team take a look. We’ll help diagnose any issue and work to get you back on the road in no time, safely. 

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