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Winter Traction

Innovations For Your Snow Traction

Traction Tires Advised!

You never know what winter is going to throw at your car.

Winter driving? Ice and snow? Slipping and sliding? Dings and dents?

While today’s ABS, traction control and stability systems maintain vehicle control, they are programmed to limit a vehicle’s mobility to the traction available from its tires.

With months of winter driving ahead, don’t let standard tires hold you back. Wouldn’t you rather drive on winter / snow tires to help reduce travel times, tension and stress?

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New Product for Winter Traction – In Stock


AutoSock is the easy to use textile cover designed to help vehicles get traction on snow and ice.  It is the only supplier of traction solutions to thirteen car manufactures in Europe and Asia.  Over two million pairs have been sold worldwide.  Additionally, AutoSock has now released the product for commercial buses.

AutoSock™ is more effective than winter tires and also more effective than snow chains in certain situations. They have been tested and formally approved by several leading car manufactures, and TœV SœD in Germany. Autosock™ can be mounted on summer tires and winter tires (with or without studs).

AutoSock is Approved as an Alternative Traction Device

in WA, OR, CA and every other state in the U.S.

We Have a Large Inventory of AutoSock™  – Most Applications $99.00

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Find The Right Winter Tire Chain

We offer Tire Chain Products manufactured by Quality Chain Company. They are the preferred chain for ease of installation, correct fitment and durability. They are available to fir from 13″ to 24′ tires for Auto, Light Truck or SUV fitment. They are also a preferred chain application of many law enforcement agencies.

Please contact the store and we will assist you in getting the proper chain for your vehicle. We stock a large inventory of these products for your convenience.

Video – How To Install Chains