Truck Repair Shop Tacoma: Courtesy Auto and Tire Service – We’ll Get You Back on the Trail!

If you are looking for the best repair shop Tacoma has to offer, look no further. When you are looking for a reputable truck repair facility that is reliable, efficient and affordable, consider the Courtesy Auto Service and Tire of Tacoma.

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Read on for more information on the best truck repair shop Tacoma has to offer. No matter if you have a wheeler, glamorous truck, small truck or anywhere in between, we can do it all in our repair shop Tacoma.

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Preventative Maintenance in Our Repair Shop Tacoma, WA

If you have a truck, you need to understand the importance of preventive maintenance. This will help you save money in the long run and ensure safe travels. Preventive maintenance involves checking your vehicle on a regular basis or having our crew check it out at Courtesy Auto Service and Tire repair shop Tacoma.

Some of the most common things you should check include the air filter, wiper fluid and oil. You should also check the air pressure in your tires. Improper air pressure can lead to poor handling and fuel economy. Also, you should check for out-of-balance wheels. Keeping wheels aligned can extend the life of your tires.

Air Conditioner and Heater Services for Trucks at Our Repair Shop Tacoma, WA

When your heater goes out in your truck, it could mean for some pretty chilly commutes. No matter if your heater is intermittently working, only blowing slighting warm or has gone completely caput, we can lend you a hand to get it fixed up. Our repair shop Tacoma is fully suited to handle any truck issues that may arise for drivers in our repair shop Tacoma area.

Alignment Services for Trucks in our Repair Shop Tacoma

If you regularly drive your truck over off-road terrain, you may want to consider having it aligned at our repair shop Tacoma. A wheel alignment can help to eliminate drifting and allow your vehicle to stay straight on or off road. Having a truck that is properly aligned can also save you money and headaches in the future.

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Wheel misalignment can cause a number of problems for your truck. It can cause your tires to wear out sooner and can affect how well your truck drives. You can identify if your wheels are out of alignment by looking for signs or bringing your truck into Courtesy Auto Service and Tire. Our repair shop Tacoma will get you back on the road with a great alignment.

The first sign that you may need an alignment is drifting or feeling a pull to the right or left while you’re driving. This happens for many reasons. Your alignment can be altered by curbs, pot holes, rocks and other debris. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes alignment to go too far out of whack. Taking your truck to our repair shop Tacoma will help to get your wheels back in place.

Truck Suspension Service from Courtesy Auto Service and Tire

If you’ve been looking for truck suspension service, you’ll find a wide variety of options at Courtesy Auto Service and Tire. Our repair shop Tacoma offers full tire services, plus air conditioning, steering and suspension repairs and more. Our full-service auto repair shop Tacoma has earned a reputation for being a friendly, honest company that does quality work the first time.

The suspension system of a vehicle plays a critical role in how your truck handles, especially if you spend time out on the trails. If you notice any loss of handling or a change in your wheel alignment, this could indicate suspension problems. A properly aligned wheel keeps the truck tracking straight. It also helps your tires hit the road harmoniously. Having minor alignment issues can result in premature wear.

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Shocks and struts are also part of the steering and suspension system, which helps your wheels to keep in contact with the road. When they get worn, they can make your steering difficult to control and cause uneven tire wear. These parts also increase your braking distance.

Truck Repair at Our Repair Shop Tacoma

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