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We are a primary provider of tire products to the State of Washington and the local subdivisions of government and the Federal Government. This includes Back To Work programs offered through DSHS (Workfirst Washington) that are available to displaced workers looking for employment. We may be able to help you get new tires or your car fixed with Government assistance, should you qualify.

Please click here to read about Workfirst (DSHS)

There are 2 different types of contractual pricing.

  1. Federal (GSA)
  2. Washington State and Subdivisions (Local Entities)

There are many agencies that operate in the city, county and state that do not purchase from the contract and that may increase the cost of tire products in many cases.

DUNS Number: 150721533

If you are a city department, a county agency, a non profit with assistance from government in any way – you may qualify for discounted tire products from the state contract. Local utility company co-op’s, PUD’s and Social and Health service providers may also qualify.

The staff at Courtesy Auto can help to determine if your agency is able to purchase tire products offered under that Washington State contract.

If you are a displaced worker that is working with the State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) you may qualify for assistance in replaceing your tires and repairing your vehicle so that you can look for work. We can help you to determine whether you qualify of not.

Contact us for more information about:

  • The State of Washington Tire Contract
  • The Federal (GSA) Tire Contract
  • The Workfirst Washington Program