BMW, Volvo, Audi: european imports have effectively infiltrated the US. And we love it. Their sleek designs – both outside and within- make them attractive to look at, and their long life-spans make them attractive to drive. Though the european-american dilemma is still alive and well, european imports continue to be the go-to for many PNW drivers.

If you own an import, it’s important to know that for you, not all auto shops were created equal. European imports have specific maintenance and repair needs that you may not be able to get at the average repair shop. Additionally, not all auto-shops car parts in-stock for your import. Meaning when your Mercedes breaks down or your Mini Coop needs under-the-hood repairs, other shops may not have what you need.

Why Courtesy Auto For European Imports

At Courtesy Auto, we have technicians trained to work on european imports. For 10 years our trained professionals have worked with the specific needs of european cars. And through continuing education and hands-on training, our team has fine-tuned their abilities towards precision and craftsmanship. We carry the original parts that you need and are fast and reliable. We also provide all scheduled maintenance services for imports, meaning that when you choose to repair with us, your factory warranty is kept in good standing.

For more on the imports we service and about our Courtesy Guarantee, visit us here.