Clean Air For Your Engine

Every Tacoma car owner who has taken their car in for an oil change has been told that their engine air filter is dirty. But why does it matter anyway?

Why a Clean Engine Air Filter Matter

Think about a dirty furnace filter in your home. When it’s all clogged up, enough clean air can’t get through, leading to health risks and a poor functioning furnace.

Similarly, in your car, a dirty air filter means that your engine can’t get as much air as it needs to burn fuel efficiently. Since it can’t burn fuel effectively, fuel economy does down and costs you more money at the pump.

Typically, there are two ways to determine when to change your engine air filter.

  1. Your owner’s manual will have a recommendation of when to change the filter.
  2. A visual inspection by an auto technician may determine that your filter is visibly dirty and needs to be changed.

Note that road conditions like dust can effect our air filter significantly.

Replacing Your Engine Air Filter

Most air filters purchased in Tacoma, Lakewood, JBLM, or University Place don’t cost a lot to replace. It can be a hassle to change it yourself. Luckily, changing a dirty engine air filter at Courtesy Auto Service can often save enough on gas to pay for itself before your next oil change.

But why choose Courtesy? Read about the Courtesy difference here.