4502 S. Steele St. #701, Tacoma, WA 98409

Look How Green We Are

We Got The Lead Out!

lead free wheel weightsIn January Washington, 2011 state phased out use of lead wheel weights because of environmental issues. We have changed over to non lead weights for all wheel balancing applications. Click here to read an article about the concerns.

Earth Friendly LED Illumination!

earth-friendlyWe have upgraded the lighting in our entire facility to utilize the most efficient and practical lighting for daily use which includes complete use of LED lamps within our entire facility, along with occupancy sensors and switches.  We expect this to significantly reduce our Carbon Footprint and help the environment.

Also, we have reduced electrical consumption and noise pollution by installing a rotary screw compressor instead of a standard type compressor.

We Are ENVIROSTAR Certified!

envirostarsWe are proud to have been recognized by the EnviroStars Cooperative with a “four-star” rating…one of their highest ratings!

The EnviroStars Cooperative includes King, Pierce, Kitsap, Jefferson, Whatcom, Skagit, and Spokane counties. Click on the EnviroStars logo to view the letter we received from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department recognizing our environmental efforts.

We Take Recycling Seriously!

We recycle our used oil, transmission fluids, etc. In the winter, we burn it in a special unit for heat in the shop.
During the summertime, when we don’t need heat, all our waste fluids are picked up by a licensed carrier and recycled.

We recycle all our old oil filters according to the department of ecology’s parameters.

We recycle all our scrap metal.

We recycle all of our waste paper by shredding it and having it recycled.

What About All Those Tires?

We have our scrap tires picked up by a service that sends them to a recyclers and they are shredded and recycled to be used in other products… like maybe those boots you’re wearing, or the sandals your daughter just bought!

We Go The Extra Mile!

We have recently taken four in-ground lifts out of service, drained and sealed them, and installed two above ground lifts. This will mitigate any possible contamination underground.

We are certified to operate within The South Tacoma Ground Water Protection District by the Pierce County Department of Health and hold a Facility Operating Permit.

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