A failing transmission is never a good thing. Your transmission is the part of your car that allows the gears to shift as you drive. Whether automatic or manual, it is essential to making your car move and letting you control the speed you drive at. The amount of force transferred to the wheels changes when you change gears, which subsequently affects the speeds you can reach. A failing or fried transmission means you and your car aren’t going anywhere. But how can you tell that your transmission is about to go out? Here are few useful clues to help you discern whether or not it’s time for a trip to Courtesy Auto Service.

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Clues to a Failing Transmission

  1. Delayed gear shifting is a major clue about whether or not you have a failing transmission. This can look like a delayed response when shifting from drive to park or vise versa.
  2. Leaks in your transmission fluid are also a huge indicator of a failing transmission. The foreboding puddle that forms underneath your car is the easiest way to identify a leak. Transmission fluid is red and slippery and is easily distinguishable from other types of fluids (such as brake fluid which is clear or coolant which can come in a variety of colors). If there is no puddle that doesn’t necessarily mean there is not problem. Check your transmission fluid. If it smells burnt or is brown then it’s time to service your car.
  3. Difficulty changing gears can also be an indicator of a failing transmission. If you go to shift gears and find resistant or complete refusal from your system to comply you may have an issue with your transmission.
  4. A slipping transmission can also be an indicator of a failing transmission. When your transmission slips it means that the gears aren’t shifting properly. In an automatic you can tell if a transmission is slipping by looking at your speedometer and tachometer. If you hit the gas and your engine revs and rpms increase but your speed doesn’t, you may have a failing transmission. For a simple verbal explanation watch this video.

If you think you have a failing transmission or still aren’t sure what’s wrong with your car come to Courtesy Auto. We’re located right next to the Tacoma Mall, and our trained technicians are ready to help diagnose the problem and offer helpful solutions. For more information on the service we provide here at Courtesy Auto explore our services page here!